Privacy AKA Lucid Dreaming School privacy policy.

I take our relationship and your information very seriously.

I only intend to build my relationship with you and help you to be successful.

That being said, here is what I will do with your information.

First off you can opt out of my emails at any time by clicking the opt out link that is located at the bottom of all my emails.  After that you will never receive another email from me ever again.

I will use your email address to send you between approximately 2-6 emails a week.  This is just an estimate, but if my email frequency becomes too much, you can opt out or give me your feedback and let me know.  If you feel that you are not receiving enough awesome content, let me know that too!

The emails that I send you will be related to the topic of You Inc., building your brand, and operating your own business online.

I will only send you email with information that I believe you will find useful and relevant to operating your own online business.

I will on occasion send you offers for products that I believe you will find useful and relevant to operating your own online business.

What I promise not to do.

Spam you with useless crap, unrelated content, or irrelevant information.

Sell your email to anyone.

Share your email with anyone.

This privacy policy is intended to be my best effort to be honest and straight up with you.

I feel that this is a truthful approach to communicating my policy with you rather than using page

after page of legalize that no one wants to read.

This privacy policy may be updated at any time.  It is your responsibility to check back on occasion to see if you still agree with this privacy policy.

Questions, concerns, and feedback may be directed to

Lucid Dreaming School  P.O. Box 15542  Boise, Idaho  83715-5542  United States